Pre-order the Fluffys' debut album, ‘No Angel’

Pre-order Fluffy’s debut album, ‘No Angel’

It’s finally happening, the Fluffy Little Cowboys are getting ready to release our first full-length album! The album will be released in May just in time for our performance at May Run Festival and our tour to Ontario in June and we want to give all of our fans a chance to order in advance as well as cash in on some pretty awesome merchandise packages.

We have paired with Pledge Music to make this whole thing happen, visit here to check it out and pre-order:

The Fluffys typically tour as a tight acoustic trio but we have some very special guests on this album … Ed Toth, drummer for the Doobie Brothers (previously of Vertical Horizon), is playing all the drum tracks and Nathan Wiley has sprinkled some spectacular guitar, bass and synth magic on the entire mix.

We have re-worked some tunes originally written for/with my old Yo Mama crew AND we have a bunch of new material co-written by all three Fluffy’s including our newest member, Keelin Wedge.


  • Well, first of all, a percentage of all pre-sales is being donated directly to the Women’s Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County. Our title track, Angel, was written for the three Wilno, ON women who were killed last Fall by the same man on the same day … this is our small way of giving back to a very important cause.
  • Also, anyone who pre-orders gets an immediate digital download as soon as the tracks are ready.
  • AND we have put together some pretty terrific pre-sale bundles including ‘No Angel’ merchandise and custom experiences.
  • But maybe the best reason is that only the people who pre-order the album will get to see photos and video footage of our time in the studio. We are going to let you in on the whole experience … we are inviting you to be right beside us while we create this album.

I know, right?! Sweet!

So get on over to Pledge Music, check out our storefront and pre-order the album: