The Fluffly Little Cowboys are an enthralling band from P.E.I. that sing songs of joy, love and rage. From the uplifting fun of “Baby Will You Dance With Me” to the folk/rap of “Breakdown In Gagetown”‘, these women are not standing silently by. They skirt the boundaries of folk with sweet and slashing violins and songs of love and pain. Tasty guitars and soaring songs combining with strong melodies and spot on vocal work make this band a ‘not to be missed’ proposition.

Hugh Ambrose
Host, Folk Everything, CFRC Radio, Kingston, ON

The name Fluffy Little Cowboys is more than a little tongue in cheek for this alt-Americana female trio from PEI. They aren’t fluffy, they aren’t cowboys and their sound isn’t little. Think country, roots, folk and blues with spoken word and punk rock mixed in. They recently debuted their LP No Angel, and now Shelley, Maureen and Keelin are hitting the road, making a stop at this gem of a tiny whiskey bar on Brock Street.

Jordan Whitehouse

Shelley Montreuil – lead vocals, guitar, banjo, sax
Maureen Adams – vocals, bass, djembe


The women in Fluffy Little Cowboys are no angels; what they are is a fiery, focused duo with an eclectic sound that’s incredibly compelling but almost impossible to categorize.

Some call it alternative East Coast, but you’ll also hear tinges of country, roots, trad, and blues … then there’s the rhythmic spoken word and punk rock piss-and-vinegar. Trying to identify every influence is like trying to pick out every poke of a full-sleeve tattoo.

The Fluffy’s recent album, No Angel, was produced by PEI wunderkind Nathan Wiley and features Doobie Brothers drummer Ed Toth, the lyrical content is weighty, tackling combustible subjects head-on, hitting like a musical Molotov cocktail; however, at their core is a message of empowerment & inclusion.

Fluffy Little Cowboys are a lot of things, but put simply, they are an edgy group of passionate performers who love to make great music.

Bio by: Andrew King, Canadian Musician Magazine

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