March 2, 2016
What is that they say about the best laid plans? So, we finally did the big business handoff (scary) and told all my clients most of which were very happy for me.  We have two weeks before we hope to find out if we get the OAC funding for our big, three-year project(s) in Lanark...
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I have been working hard for the last six months to move from being a web developer who is also a musician to being a musician who dabbles in technology.  For me this has meant packaging and selling my web development business, investing countless hours working with community partners to prepare and submit funding proposals...
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Last year around this time I decided that I needed to start documenting our journey … I spend a lot of time clarifying for people just what it is that we do and how it is that we do it.  There are a lot of interested people asking a lot of interesting questions … I...
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