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by some cute, girl cowboys

What people say …

Fluffly Little Cowboys are an enthralling band from P.E.I. that sing songs of joy, love and rage. From the uplifting fun of “Baby Will You Dance With Me” to the folk/rap of “Breakdown In Gagetown”‘, these woman are not standing silently by. They skirt the boundaries of folk with sweet and slashing violins and songs of love and pain. Tasty guitars and soaring songs combining with strong melodies and spot on vocal work make this band a ‘not to be missed’ proposition.

Hugh Ambrose – Host, Folk Everything, CFRC Radio, Kingston, ON

I have just listened to what I think is the BEST new group in Canada!

I supported Fluffy Little Cowboys early on with a small donation and have just been rewarded with a sneak peek collection of killer tracks! This is fresh, clever, sincere and thought provoking stuff… and I LOVE it!

Support new Canadian creative energies and talent… order their new CD… you will not be sorry!

Stanley Berneche, May 27, 2017

Truly a wonderful band, I saw them live in Pembroke. I’ve never seen such a wide array of skills in Violin, bass, and acoustic guitar. Heck they even surprised me with Banjo and saxophone. I’m definitely keeping and eye out the next time they play.

Favorite track: Dance With My Skeletons.

hip_albatross – Bandcamp patron

Just came back from hearing this band. The most enjoyable musical evening I’ve had in recent memory. So talented and lots of fun too (Beer Train, shhhhhh….)
Hoping to catch this band again in my P.E.I. travels next summer.

“the Fluffy Little Cowboys completely won me over with their set in the private showcases. ”

… DJ TK – Artistic Director Toronto Pride

“The Fluffy Little Cowboys grabbed my attention and never let it drop. This trio has such a polished sound you would never guess they haven’t been playing together for years. They are terrific musicians and vocalists whose individual sounds complement each other so smoothly that their original songs feel so good to the ear you instantly think of them as familiar, old favorites. 

Great talents. Great tunes. Very entertaining group. Lots of fun.”

Nancy Cathers-Burtch

“Absolutely pumped after seeing this band tonight.  Beautiful harmonies and powerful song writing.  Can’t wait to see them again!”

Valerie Reddin

Fluffy’s Spring, ‘No Angel’ tour is supported by funding from: